Leo - character rig (maya)

98 ratings

Leo is a character rig designed by and for animators. Led by industry professionals in every aspect of the creation process, Leo has the appeal, rig flexibility, and rendering quality to fit any of your shot needs.

For school licensing above the 30-50 student range please contact us at wonderwell.studios@gmail.com

Maya Versions

The Leo rig has been tested in Maya 2019, 2020, and 2022. Any other versions of Maya may work with Leo, but are not supported.

Terms of Use

No racist, pornographic or any offensive content.

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1 Maya rig (Render ready). 1 Proxy rig. 1 ACES render rig. 1 Leo (Rumba) rig, 1 Leo (Blender) Rig, Studio Library. Base Clothing. Picker. IK/FK snapping script

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Leo - character rig (maya)

98 ratings
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